This is my suggestion for a shared focus or theme for September/October


So this topic of PEOPLE could cover a multitude of activities, fits into various subject areas …, Science, notably history, PHSE, citizenship, Art, English and open in different ways to different key stages and ages. Use can be made of visits, museums online and museum websites.For instance there is an exhibition


 For instance .. pupils could research into famous people that interest them, or they see as role models ..who  have inspired them or make them feel good, perhaps  people who have succeeded in their own fields past and present  but who may also who have faced  with mental or physical problems faced adversity  or whose lives did not at follow a  perceived “usual” or “normal “ path.““. Pupils could work on a podcast, recording, mini film or booklet, project or collage to share with others.


It could be as simple as writing about or drawing people they know…family, friends, professionals in their lives or a particular group …ie who have helped or supported them made them happy. Maybe compose a poem, a piece of writing or image or combination about a loved one….a sentence or words or an image with caption /slogan.(for younger pupils) If  focussing on its an artist do some work /craft or art in a similar style. Could be about film, characters from fiction, media etc who they find inspiring or have helped them through difficult times. Could be presented as individual work or groups…..writing, art, video clips, animation, collage ,voice recordings, power points photography.

Could be a recollection about how things were during lockdown ….fewer  people around and how this …the lack of people made them feel. Some of this of course may result in possible pages for the wellbeing /feel good journal as well as being lesson/activity ideas.  Funding to support this can be claimed from our ERASMUS budget under implementation of project providing that outcomes are placed for sharing on the Sparks website  .