We updated on our project-related activities. We were talking about our budget and asked Amy to speak to British Council about reallocation of funds for the final conference. We will try to to send postcards to each other till the end of the project, and also include zoom calls between students if countries are able to do this. Shaun showed the current draft of the journal. We will produce a hard copy journal at the end of the project, plus a digital version on the SPARKS website. There will be another section on the SPARKS website for lesson plans. These can be very simple, with a version in English and in our native language. CCHS is going to develop template to circulate. We are getting copies of either Hello Happy or No Worries books from CCHS.We can consider how we can incorporate technology into our activities: making short films, animations that can be shared with the partners. Amy is our new International Projects Coordinator. Next meeting will be on 25th May. Looking forward to seeing you all again!