SPARKS is a wellbeing project involving six schools

from England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Poland

Sparks’ aims include:

  • improving mental health for young people

  • opening up conversation

  • removing stigma around mental health

SPARKS is funded by Erasmus and will last for two years

  • Friendship and wellbeing
  • Self-help books

    At Collingham Child & Family Centre, young people have been making self-help books. They were asked to think about what helps them when they are feeling sad or anxious, and to create a booklet using words or pictures. This helps them to think about what works well for them personally, and also provides a ‘toolkit’ […]
  • The Real Pearl Foundation Art School created and lead by Nóra Ritók.
    “The Real Pearl Art School (created in 2000) offers art education to the children from 12    municipalities in Hajdú-Bihar county, in the field of visual and applied arts, dance, and on the faculties of graphic design, painting, handicraft, enamel, ceramics and social dances. The specialty of the school is the art education of disadvantaged pupils […]
  • “Pre-holiday” Erasmus meeting 15 June 2021
    Amy and Shaun will email the British Council with a request to reallocate the funds from the final meeting to a new bench and plaque for each country, plus additional bits and pieces (cushion covers, plants etc.) for our respective gardens to create a wellbeing area. To add: we want to have a bench, with […]
  • Erasmus Meeting 25th May 2021
  • Wellbeing acrostics

    In Germany, young people used the word ‘Wellbeing’ to suggest activities that can help to boost mental health.
  • International Nurses’ Day

  • The Day of Birds and Trees


  • Flowers for Mother’s Day

    The weather is very changeable at this time of year. Two years ago we suffered from the hotness in the classrooms. It was about 30, now just 12-15 degrees. We planted some flowers into our Erasmus flower beds but they are growing very slowly. So we decided to do something for Mother’s day. Here are […]