SPARKS is a wellbeing project involving six schools

from England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Poland

Sparks’ aims include:

  • improving mental health for young people

  • opening up conversation

  • removing stigma around mental health

SPARKS is funded by Erasmus and will last for two years

  • Erasmus Meeting 25th May 2021
  • Wellbeing acrostics

    In Germany, young people used the word ‘Wellbeing’ to suggest activities that can help to boost mental health.
  • International Nurses’ Day

  • The Day of Birds and Trees


  • Flowers for Mother’s Day

    The weather is very changeable at this time of year. Two years ago we suffered from the hotness in the classrooms. It was about 30, now just 12-15 degrees. We planted some flowers into our Erasmus flower beds but they are growing very slowly. So we decided to do something for Mother’s day. Here are […]

  • Erasmus Meeting Tuesday 20th April 2021

    We updated on our project-related activities. We were talking about our budget and asked Amy to speak to British Council about reallocation of funds for the final conference. We will try to to send postcards to each other till the end of the project, and also include zoom calls between students if countries are able […]
  • Erasmus Zoom Meeting 22nd September 2020

    Kim Middleton invited us to a scheduled Zoom meeting It was really good to meet partners. We were talking about new situations at schools caused by COVID.Mainly we were talking about our journal/Contributions, cover, names , ages of children, blank pages/ and extension of the project duration. Originally we planned the next zoom by 3rd […]
  • Shark Attack Animation

    “Shark Attack” is a short animation that some of our students created (pre Covid- 19). This project was born from a literacy and art project that we engaged with called ‘Making Your Mark’. The children drew/constructed/painted their characters, brainstormed a story, and created a storyboard. This project started out with a literacy focus but the […]
  • “Staying apart but coming together through art”

    Our students were encouraged to relax and engage with mindful art when creating their piece for this ‘Easter Egg’. In other words, they engaged in the creative process of making art, connecting their imagination with the expression of their feelings through the colours and materials they selected.  While our students were in isolation, this school project […]
  • The Hungarian Government decided to introduce tighter, temporary restrictions to drive back the third wave of Covid-19.

    The key measures are the following: • Nurseries and primary schools will be closed until the 7th of April. Education will continue in digital form, while nurseries will take an extraordinary beak.  Dormitories are able to remain open depending on the decision of the director of the institution. • All shops, with the exception of […]