Erasmus Meeting Tuesday 20th April 2021

We updated on our project-related activities. We were talking about our budget and asked Amy to speak to British Council about reallocation of funds for the final conference. We will try to to send postcards to each other till the end of the project, and also include zoom calls between students if countries are able […]

The Hungarian Government decided to introduce tighter, temporary restrictions to drive back the third wave of Covid-19.

The key measures are the following: • Nurseries and primary schools will be closed until the 7th of April. Education will continue in digital form, while nurseries will take an extraordinary beak.  Dormitories are able to remain open depending on the decision of the director of the institution. • All shops, with the exception of […]

Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners – ALBERT SZENT-GYÖRGYI

Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners – ALBERT SZENT-GYÖRGYI The Discovery of Vitamin C In these very strange times, our well-being is more important than ever, for which a balanced diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle are all key elements. The importance of vitamins in our health has long been well-known, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that […]

World Mental Health Day

MVM SMART FURNITURE ONLINE GAME COMPETITION Budapest-based design studio Hello Wood has unveiled a collection of outdoor smart furniture designed for schools and universities. The furniture is outfitted with solar panels to generate clean energy for charging USB ports. The crafty wood artists have created a new collection of outdoor wooden pieces slated for the […]