Some of the children at Collingham thought of random acts of kindness that they could do. They came up with lots of lovely ideas including leaving positive messages for people in library books, making friendship bracelets, leaving kind messages in random public places. 

Here are some examples of the bookmarks that children designed:

At Collingham we thought about some things that children might want to use when they are feeling upset and stressed. We made calming glitter jars, which children can use to help them calm down or distract themselves when they are feeling upset or stressed. We made them using a plastic jar, glitter glue, food colouring and water. Some children chose to add sequins too!  

We also made some stress balls using balloons, flour and rice. The children then used marker pens to draw faces onto them, and gave some of them hair using string.

At Collingham we have created a SPARKS display. The children thought of positive inspirational quotes, wrote them down and  then we added them to the display. Here are a couple of examples.

Children thought of things that made them feel happy, sad, cross etc and created some postcards.

Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\happiness is 6.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\happiness is 1.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Happiness is 2.png
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Kindness is 1.png
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\kindness is 2.png
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Happiness is 5.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Worried is.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\sadness is 1.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Happiness is 3.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\Reading makes you calm.jpg

Before half term the children at Collingham thought of some acts of kindness and we made a kindness calendar to put up on the unit.

Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\IMG_20200616_180304.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Jackie\Downloads\IMG_20200616_180255.jpg

Amanda did some work with the Blues during PSHE: