On 24th May we had a great family day at our school. We invited our parents to spend this day with us. There were a lot of interesting programs. After opening ceremony we could listen to a concert. We liked most the piece of music “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones. It was great to see that in the orchestra some musicians who were playing were students of our school 38 or, 6 years ago. Players of the local futsal team had a show for us, and then we had a chance to play with them. They were good at heading. We could talk to them in English. The best thing was that our parents spent the day with us. Especially our moms!!! The food was delicious because it was being cooked by our teacher Zoli bácsi and our parents. Outside there was a heavy rain but inside it was a happy day. The last thing was the performance of class 4.a. Its title was „Banya Balhé-The row of witches”. They were great and amusing. We enjoyed the hole day very much.